Introducing the new MEMCAST

We are thrilled to announce the new MEMCAST™ – the automatic film caster that redefines membrane creation.  

Thanks to the MEMCAST™ instrument, precise and efficient synthesis of flat sheet polymeric membranes is done in minutes. By automatically casting a thin film of a polymer solution, the MEMCAST™ streamlines the creation of membranes with different thicknesses, offering unparalleled control and reproducibility. Whether it’s preparing film layers self-standing or on various substrates, the MEMCAST™ empowers you to create high-quality membranes with ease.

Experience the future of membrane synthesis with the new MEMCAST™ here.

Some of the unique points of MEMCAST™

  • Easy mechanism to attach/detach the coating support, allowing fast immersion in a coagulation bath.
  • The coating length can be determined by either setting a stop point prior to the casting, or pushing the optional stop button during the application.
  • Digital display for easy control and read out of the parameters.

Ready to upgrade your membrane synthesis process with the MEMCAST™? Contact us for your personalized quote.

November 16, 2023