Porometer is a filter and membrane testing equipment manufacturer with a team that has acquired vast experience in porometry over long years of service, sales and customer and applications support in the field. Currently Porometer is the leader and the reference in porometry.

Porometer features a wide range of instruments for the accurate and reliable characterisation of the pore size distribution of through pores in filter media, ceramic, paper, nonwovens and membranes, among other:

  • Gas-Liquid Porometry series – the POROLUX™ line
    Liquid-Liquid Porometry series – the POROLIQ™ line

Porometer’s products and services portfolio also includes instruments for measuring the liquid permeability through filters, high throughput membrane testing equipment and the MEMCAST™, the first automatic coating machine exclusively designed for lab-scale membrane synthesis. Porometer has subsidiaries in the USA, China and Hong-Kong and sales partners in all major countries.