Outsourcing tests can be very expensive and if you do in-house testing, you really need accurate and precise test samples. Therefore Compcut created the advanced composite saws (ACS) and the precision composite routers (PCR).

In fact, every company which does his own mechanical testing really needs a Compcut machine. Compcut machines are being used by universities, testing labs, companies active in the sectors of automotive, aerospace, …

The many testimonials prove that advanced composite machining with Compcut only has advantages.

Compared to the existing manual solutions or the complicated expensive CNC-solutions the ACS and PCR are

SafeFully enclosed process, automated operation, wet cutting process, HSE compliant process
CleanFully enclosed cutting operation, Anodized finished, clean machine operation
QuickSwift easy programming, automated process and settings, produces test ready samples, intuitive interface
EasyAutomated cutting process, automated settings, intuitively programmable, enclosed operation
ReliableEasy automated operation, less third-party involvement, machines are reliable
Cost effectiveQuicker, cleaner, minimal consumable, engineered to last
Consistent & preciseAutomated cutting, calibrated, programmable
Environmentally responsibleConsistently accurate cutting, enclosed operation, robust high quality build
In the labFull enclosed operation, compact size, simple intuitive user interface, single phase power requirement

Linear Cutting Machines

ACS range : if you need a linear cutting of your test specimen, the advanced composite saws are the ideal solution. They are fast, accurate, efficient, consistent and safe.

  • ACS300 has a cleared panel size of 300x300mm
  • ACS600 has a cleared panel size of 600x600mm*
  • ACS1200 has a cleared panel size of 1200x1200mm*

(*see details technical specifications)

Complex Geometry Machining

PCR range : if you need a specimen with a more complex geometry (like a dog bone), the precision composite router is needed; fast, accurate, efficient, consistent and safe.

The main difference is the cleared panel size