Aptco Technologies specializes in the manufacturing and supply of measuring and testing instruments as well as sample preparation equipment for laboratories. Our vision and ambition are backed by experience, knowledge and, most importantly, customer loyalty proven by customers who choose to work with us over and over again. 

Our dedicated team consists of:

  • Sales offices in Belgium, USA and China
  • Engineering & manufacturing in Germany
  • Labs in multiple locations in Europe
  • Service and installation worldwide

We develop and manufacture instruments of the highest quality & reliability, designed in-house and using most modern techniques & materials.

On top of that, our (after) service support and help desk will get our customers a speedy and to the point answers in case of applicational or technical questions. In case necessary, with our online troubleshooting system we can diagnose and solve many issues immediately. In the rare case a site intervention is required, our engineers come on site to do the necessary work.

Our lab team are experts when it comes down to measuring samples and interpreting results. It is one of our strengths that we remain at the customers disposal for discussing results obtained on our instruments. This assures our customers of years of optimum use of their investment.