The POROMETER range consists of instruments to measure pore size distribution, gas and liquid permeability. These analyzers are very much appreciated by both R&D and quality control laboratories to characterize the pore size and the pore size distribution for media used in filtration and separation processes.


The LUXOR gold coater is a fully automated magnetron sputtering device to coat SEM samples with a conductive layer of gold or platinum. Easy to operate and with a robust and safe design, it comes at an attractive price, which makes it the perfect alternative for both the basic manual coaters and expensive automatic instruments that are available in the market.


The automatic film coater MEMCAST™ is ideal for the synthesis of flat sheet polymeric membranes by coating a thin film of a polymer solution followed by the immersion of the films in a coagulation bath to obtain the final membrane via wet phase inversion. Reproducible film layers can be prepared, either self standing or on various substrates.


The High Throughput Gas Separation (HTGS) system is a device designed to run up to 16 different membrane-based separations of variable single and mixed gas feeds simultaneously. Up to 5 gases (O2, CO2, CH4, N2 and H2) can be mixed at a set flow. The on-line analysis option permits screening mixed gas selectivities, in comparison to single gas permeation experiments.


Fontijne Presses is a manufacturer of high quality platen presses that are extensively used in the polymer, rubber and composites industries. The LabManual series are manually operated presses especially designed for basic pressing operations and moderate use. The LabEcon series are especially designed for automatic basic pressing operations, while the LabPro series consists of customised presses built according to customer specific requirements.


ESCIL is a company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of consumables and accessories for the preparation of materialographic samples. Escil offers a complete range of turnkey solutions for research laboratories and quality control on materials such as sample preparation (precision cutting, cutting, embedding, polishing) and micro-hardness various fields such as metallography, geology, electronics, crystallography, ceramics, plastics and composites.